Spring 2012 CentMesh Seminar

CSC 801-004: Pervasive Applications for a Mesh Network Environment

The Internet is now pervasive in our lives - we access the network almost every minute of our waking lives for communication, commerce, education, entertainment. The physical trappings of the network have been growing more pervasive to keep pace, with multiple types of wireless networks that can be accessed by untethered, mobile devices. Wireless mesh networks are an ideal paradigm for research and education on a large variety of wireless access networks, single-hop and multi-hop, static or mobile, civilian or tactical, because they are general and can be configured into specific modes.

In this hands-on seminar course, co-taught by Drs. Rudra Dutta and Sarah Heckman, students will have the opportunity to work with NCSU's new on-campus outdoor highly programmable mesh network testbed called CentMesh, in addition to learning about some current and emerging challenges in wireless networks. Students will develop realizations of emerging or envisioned pervasive applications on CentMesh, or support for such applications. To enroll, interested students should email Dr. Dutta or Dr. Heckman to enroll in this 1-credit seminar.

Students will follow individual work projects during most of the semester, individually or in groups. Students who are interested in extending their seminar experience to an independent study or thesis work in following semesters should inform the instructors early, and choose projects accordingly. A low enrollment is anticipated, and due to limitations of support as well as infrastructure resources, enrollment is currently limited to 6 students. Basic networking knowledge is a pre-requisite (ECE/CSC 570 or equivalent), a course on Internet protocols (e.g. CSC/ECE 573), wireless networking (e.g. ECE/CSC 575/775), or software engineering (CSC 510) is likely to be beneficial as background but is not required.

More information will be posted here as the semester progresses.