Rudra Dutta's Professional Calendar

My public calendar, hosted off Google Apps @ NC State, is below. If you are not logged into Google yourself, you will only see "Busy" blocks below. Once you log in, some (though not all) of the events will resolve into details.

Or that's the way it's supposed to work, at least. Experience shows that at least for some people (perhaps all) it does not work that way - you see only "busy/available" blocks no matter who you are, and no matter if you are logged into Google Calendar at the time. If this is your experience, then please actually navigate to Google Calendar, or GCal@NCSU if you are a GoogleApps@NCSU user, and find Then you should see the calendar entries as above.

Please note that I try to keep the calendar up to date as far as possible, but sometimes times which show up as free below may not in fact be available.