Recent News

  • Department Head search for Computer Science: The CSC Department is kicking off a national search to hire a new permanent Head of the Department. Our previous Chair, Dr. Mladen Vouk, stepped off as of January 2017 to accept a position as Associate Vice Chancellor for NCSU ORIED. Dr. Laurie Williams is currently serving as interim Chair. Dr. Dutta is serving on the search committee convened by Dean Louis Martin-Vega. Anybody interested in applying, or nominating others, should get in touch with the search committee.

  • TPC Co-Chair for IEEE Sarnoff Symposium and IEEE NFV-SDN: In 2017, Dr. Dutta is serving as a TPC Co-Chair for two notable IEEE networking conferences. The long-standing and iconic Sarnoff Symposium will be held for the 38th time this year, in New Jersey, September 18th - 20th. The NFV-SDN conference is just entering its third year, but is already a highly competitive venue; it will be held in Berlin, Germany, November 6th - 8th.

    IEEE Sarnoff Symposium


  • Fall 2017 course: Preparing for Academic Research: In Fall, 2016, Dr. Dutta taught a seminar on preparing for academic research, targeted at incoming Ph.D. students. The students who took it returned very positive reviews, and Dr. Dutta will offer it again in Fall, 2017. This time the department is encouraging every incoming Ph.D. student to take it, especially those who do not already have academic advisors. Incoming Ph.D. students will also be able to count this seminar as a full course toward their Ph.D. degree, and make contact with other faculty through this course, some of whom will be guest lecturing!

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  • Congratulations to Will Brockelsby and Angelyn Babu John for successfully passing their Written Preliminary examinations (the Ph.D. qualifier), both in Spring, 2017! Now that they have qualified to continue doctoral studies, they are already working hard toward their next unit of research. Angelyn is studying aerial networks of drones, and Will is researching hybrid software-defined networks.

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  • Software Defined Networking course: In Spring, 2017, Dr. Dutta taught a graduate level Special Topic course on Software Defined Networking that he has designed - this is the first course on SDNs that either the Computer Science or the Electrical and Computer Engineering departments have offered. The course taught students about precursor technologies, fundamental common concepts of SDN, open standard technologies, and also required students, in teams, to design and implement complete SDN systems.

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  • Congratulations, Dr. Shireesh Bhat! Shireesh successfully defended his doctoral thesis in May, 2017. His primary work has been in the ChoiceNet project, specifically issues of efficient service composition, and the representation of service alternatives.

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  • University Standing Committee on Extension, Engagement and Economic Development: During 2016-17, Dr. Dutta served on the USCoEEED. This committee advises university leadership on extension, engagement and economic development, recommends related regulations and procedures, and performs advocacy activities that include awarding of various established awards, including the prestigious Opal Mann Green award.

    University Standing Committee on Extension

  • Congratulations, Dr. Parth Pathak ! In Fall, 2016, Dr. Pathak started on a new position as faculty at George Mason University. He had previously completed his Ph.D. at NCSU under Dr. Dutta's guidance, followed by a post-doctoral fellow position at UC Davis with Dr. Prasant Mohapatra. All the best to Dr. Pathak in his new position!

    Check out Dr. Parth Pathak's current activities

  • Congratulations, Dr. Magreth Mushi! Magreth successfully defended her doctoral thesis in June, 2016. Her primary work has been in studying the human aspect of network administration and management, specifically errors in network configuration, through surveys, controlled experiments, and interviews; followed by the design of SDN-based systems that can counteract the introduction of such errors into network configurations.

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  • Congratulations to Rob Udechukwu for successfully passing the Oral Preliminary examination (the Ph.D. proposal) in Spring, 2016! Now that Rob has embarked on the final stretch of his doctoral work leading to his Ph.D. defense, he is pulling together all the research he has done on various aspects of choice-based network co-optimization.

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Selected News Past

  • Firefighting drones ?! Following up on the highly successful 2014 NCSU CentMesh Drones Challenge, which concluded in April 2014, we kicked off another year-long student challenge for 2014-15. This time, it was not only a programming challenge, but also a challenge to design and hone some of the drone's subsystems. In addition, there was a specific real-world mission - to design and demonstrate a drone capable of aiding a firefighter by going into burning buildings as advance guard. Several teams completed the challenge, which was administered as a Special Topic course, conducted by Dr. Dutta, Dr. Mihail Sichitiu (ECE), Dr. Edgar Lobaton (ECE), or Dr. Larry Silverberg (MAE). More details are available from the Firefighting Drone Challenge webpage. We continue to be interested in guiding motivated students to build on the platforms produced for even more increased realism.

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  • Congratulations to Rob Udechukwu for getting a paper accepted at the CoolSDN Workshop co-located with ICNP 2014. Rob's paper presents his work on designing and demonstrating a seamless general-purpose in-network service insertion mechanism integration into OpenFlow. He made a short video describing this work - see the SDN Labs link below.

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  • Dr. Dutta delivered an invited talk in Summer, 2014, at the Advanced Computing and Microelectronics Unit at the world-famous Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata. The talk was on the evolution of Internet architecture, with special reference to network-neutrality issues, and the emergence of the service-oriented Internet. The talk was on the kind invitation of Dr. Bhabani P Sinha, head of the ACMU.

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  • Congratulations to Kasyap Marmavula for successfully defending his M.S. thesis! Kasyap not only did very challenging work for his MS thesis, but also was one of the two students who between them enabled the entire CentMesh Drones Challenge 2014. He is moving on to employment at Citrix, and has a bright career ahead of him.

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  • Drones Challenge completed: The first ever programming challenge at NCSU on unmanned aerial computing platforms culminated in a day-long final challenge in which the finalist teams took turns running their programs on CentMesh drones to see if they code would - ahem - fly. The six-month long programming challenge was hosted and made possible by the CentMesh research and teaching facility we have built over the last few years.

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    News & Observer story on event - or see the Drones Event page

  • Congratulations, Dr. Trisha Biswas! Trisha successfully defended her doctoral thesis in April, 2014. Her primary work has been in Petal Routing, which uses several different types of geo-diverse or diffuse multipaths to provide network-layer redundancy in the face of jamming, and most recently, in a linear system modeling of these and other similar wireless multihop routing systems. She goes on to a research job with Aruba Networks, in Sunnyvale, CA.

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  • Mesh Design book published "Designing for Network and Service Continuity in Wireless Mesh Networks", co-authored by former student Parth H. Pathak and Dr. Dutta, published by Springer, just came out. The book focuses on performance predictability of the wireless mesh network paradigm, and considerations in designing networks from the perspective of survivability and service continuity metrics.

  • View Dr. Dutta's talk at SAS: Recently Dr. Dutta was invited to deliver a talk by SAS Institute in their "BIRD's Eye View" seminar series - mainly on the future Internet architecture topic but also about his research in general. SAS has retained the archived video of that talk, and has kindly made it available to general viewing here.

  • Congratulations, Dr. Parth Pathak ! Parth defended his thesis on July 9, 2012, with flying colors. During his stay here, Parth has worked on various aspects of wireless networking, published 8 papers, including a remarkably comprehensive survey on wireless mesh networks. Most recently, his work focused on survivability and continuity issues in wireless mesh networks - he and I have jointly authored a book on the subject which is currently in press. He is moving on to a post-doctoral fellow position at UC Davis with Dr. Prasant Mohapatra. All the best, Parth!

  • GENI-IMF project demo: Our three-year Integrated Measurement Framework project is drawing to a close. In the last several GENI Engineering Conferences we have successfully demonstrated IMF functionality; at the recently concluded GEC14 (July 9 - 11, 2012) in Boston we effectively demonstrated completed IMF functionality. The demo session was held in the Stata Center of MIT, which was hosting GEC14.

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  • Sankalp's work published at Mobihoc: Sankalp Nimbhorkar defended his MS thesis early in 2012, but his thesis work, jointly with some work by Parth Pathak, was published as a paper at ACM Mobihoc 2012 (June 11 - 14, 2012, Hilton Head, SC) on variable width channel allocation for wireless networks, using back-pressure approach at the physical layer. Thanks to Sankalp for following up with the effort to publish, and to Parth for extensive help.

  • SoSL Project with UNM: Dr. Dutta is lead PI for a new collaborative grant from the NSA Science of Security Lablet, with Dr. Meeko Oishi from University of New Mexico as the collaborating PI. This is Dr. Dutta's second SoSL grant. This project will investigate specific network security systems by viewing them as feedback control systems, and attempting to determine general stability results or other characterization for them.

  • Elsevier OSN Special Issue: Dr. Dutta was guest editor of the special issue of Elsevier Journal of Optical Switching and Networking on Green Communications and Networking (Volume 8, Issue 3, 2011). He also served as guest editor of the special issue (Volume 9, Issue 2) on IEEE ANTS 2010 - collecting extended versions of outstanding papers at the IEEE Advanced Networking and Telecommunications Systems conference (Dec 16 - 18, 2010, Mumbai, India), and on IEEE ANTS 2009 (Volume 7, Issue 4, 2010). He also serves on the editorial board.

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